Saturday, May 23

To be or not to be;thats a question

i got to know from my mum that i just have a new cousin sister since last week if im not mistaken cause my memory is not that good.haha:) i'll post up her super duper CUTE picture as i get it from my next of skins.

signing OFF ;)

Thursday, May 21

laze on you

the watermelon not rolled to the 6th desk is FLY!!haha :)

p/s ; imagine how a watermelon felt on the floor at last =.=

Tuesday, May 12

Happy mother's day (:

This is a mother's day posted!All my cousins had asked me for thousand times wheres my mum's picture after they took a look of my latest posted.this is because i realise that theres no any of my mum pic in the pc and im lazy to upload from my handphone!and thats yet called LAZY!!haha (:

the eldest grandMOTHER.

OK?take 3 (: haha

Happy Mother's Day !
i love you mum :) xoxo

Saturday, May 9


im single nowadays :) and so freedom yeah!gonna off to the celebration of mother's day.bye people ^^

Friday, May 8

Her birthday :)

HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY Kellie Chong Qiao Yi.
She's a girl always with her attractive smiling thou :)

Monday, May 4

haha (:

First of all.actually my dad who the one fetch me to Her house to meet with Demi.But you know what my dad said to me .''huh,you need me fetch you later?sorry,i cant cause im in busy now''omg-.- i was like a mad dog :( then the only choice is sms Demi to fetch me later .And so after reached Her house and take a seat a while.After that Her boyfriend dad's came and we off to the car.So we reached.and we decided to have our lunch at up with Demi's petbro and Andrew reached too.haha.I were so weird with the jokes -.-'' Then went to shopping and i get one Tee that was so simple among simple.hahahah.Then meet up with another gang.i thought they will have meal at BBQ Plaza or other shop else.And they did the same choice :( They were again went for gasoline. -.-'' i've try my Longan milk there and its nicer as i have been expected before that.Then walk around Asian avenue and they stopped at the dancing machine cause Andrew want soo.and he was so proo :) at around 7,we went everywhere separately and demi and i just walk around and we make a decision out of the blue that was have some desert at gasoline :) cause we were so so so free and nothing we can did there.Then back home around 8.demi promised me that the next outing :)Thats all i think i gonna posted.So,byee (:

Friday, May 1

Hot days :)

The day before today,went to my cousin house.Below was the picture that we had our happy hour before going pasar malam that so crowded-.-and please spot on their laughing!omg -.-' they was laugh like even the house not a stone throw over also can hear their stupid laughing .haha :)

this is what i mean how she laugh -.-'

am i cute enough compare with your boyfriend?haha
i have my nap till 12+.*isit that called nap?*haha.Then straight away take a seat in front of my pc.Yan told for having lunch with her :) prepare as usual.went up the car when her mum reached.

accidentally saw an ambulance with a kids that injured or else
Happy 3rd month aniversary with him :)