Saturday, February 28

I Lave You.

I Lave You.

Girlish :)

Friday, February 27

I Lave You.

Outing dinner with MCC Yan at Kwai Lam.Saw Sevenzai.


After gan yan kin had a one night stand with shao nga chui and the next morning they realised they changed their identity already

[gan yan kin=shao nga kin]
[shao nga chui=gan yan chui]

Yan said sooo.

Thursday, February 26

Bad Hats?!


Enjoy the day.

During our english lesson on,suddenly kym and hureen was out of class immediately.i tot mayb they rush for toilet.But suddenly they bring a secret recipe cake into our class.the 1st thing in my mind is''who was the birthday girl or boy today?''Then they sing birthday song only i know is QURAISHA'S birthday.She's awesome and a girl that always with a nice smile.She look so touch that the surprise that her friend planed since last year.The card they did,the picture that they print and paste on the cars.owhh.Its really creative at all.Like it.;)When our class teacher came in,She say ''tak achi la'' '' i tak nak kawan you rang lagi'' .Because the day before today,Aniq they promise teacher will celebrate when teacher's lesson.But they cant wait for it.Teacher like to make joke with us.lolxx.But sometime she's mad like hell.Mayb period kut?ahahah.Lastly HAPPY BIRTHDAY QURAISHA.wish your wishes come true.
Today stayback at school have a lot of fun.ahaha.after we having bihun goreng as our lunch,Me,Yan,Jun Yi rush up to my bloody class.Jun Yi was the guy that walk the most infront among us.When Jun Yi went to my class and haven realised that me and yan already went upstair's toilet.=.=He keep searching us with kaven's sis.They have search at around Block B,canteen,and lastly they went back to my class and saw me and yan sit in the class.ahahah.They keep ask where we went?Then i just answer we just stay at class lurr.You guys cant saw us?Their look was so so so funny!sorry laa.Hope you guys this will be a exercise for you two.ahahahha.Then saw Weii back from secret recipe.Then Yan went for meet Weii and i accompany Keven's sis to her class to take her book.On the way back to my class,we ask Weii whether she want come along with us?then she say okeii.She bought a cheese cake and i try some.oh my god!is niceee!!Its delicious.After that chit-chat till 4.35 pm then we went downstairs cause our parents already came to fetch us back home.So,Byeee~

Sunday, February 22

Fall for you.

What should be my response if the past happen on me again.You guys noe how much i hate the feel.It suckss.Isit all the guys will friend with some girls that base on their appearances?with their bitch look,fucking money and all those rubbish things.If a girl without money and a girl with 2 credit cards appear in front of guys,sure almost of the guys will chose the girl that with cards.People nowadays is so so so realistic.Its true!!

Saturday, February 21

MCC (;

Today was KARTHIGAA'S birthday.They decide celebrate at secret recipe.But i cant attend for it.Im really sorry yeahh,Karthigaa.But i wish you have a great and unforgetable birthday in year 2009.I realize what the means of FRIEND.yeahhhh(;love you guys.mwakss mwaks.lolxx.Friends forever.once again wish Karthigaa happy birthday.Eheh.Byee..

Thursday, February 19

What about us.

Heard that Muizz gonna change class to 4 lambda that is a account class too but that class consist of add math subject.He's freaking handsome.He less talk in class.Im not that dare to talk to him ); Lastly just hope he can sucess in his life.
Today so so so unlucky lerhx cause cant answer the question that teacher gave in english last,i get my seat too.ahahha.luckily im not the last one if not sure embaress.lolxx.Exam is around the corner,so,hope my friends do revision at the same time lurr.We must hit our target in SPM.eheh.I goona have my Sejarah Presentation next week.Lastly,hope my friend will be good in everything.Byee''

Wednesday, February 18

Don't escape from the truth please.

Happy birthday to HELMI !!!
heyy Helmi.cant you behave like a 6-teen??!!You are such like a childish.But we like the way you treat us in class.You the one always make some fun in class espeacially in Sejarah subject that the bloody teacher keep talk talk talk and following all those textbook syllabus.Its really bored enough.Tell you guys the truth,i can fall asleep easily.You too??!!dah agak larhhh(;bosan kan?Going to tuition soon.I think is march if im not mistaken.ehehhe.Hmm.bac to the point la please.Asyik keep tarik tarik to other topic je.ahahah.Joke joke.Ermm,Helmi is one of my malay friend since im in form 1 at the school that i study now.He's quite famous.i means in my form je la.ahhaa.Lastly.once again to wish you happy 6-teens birthday.Byee~

Saturday, February 14

Going to smile like nothing happen ;

Chating with besties.It was 2.17 am.Sure you guys will shock for the time.Thats call friendship.kay!!It dun mind wads de time.When some of us was hope to be accosomeone sure we will did it.Thats we are.Nothing lasts forever.So guys.leave mpany by it up.Drink It down.Laugh it off easily.Avoid all those bullshit away.Take chances and never have regret.At one point,everything you did was exactly what you wanted.And friendship toooo.
Wish us friendship forever.Our days will be counting down//

Friday, February 13

Does evil marry with angel?


Lurve you guys!

Tuesday, February 10

A whale of time with you.

im confusing the way you threat nowhere near perfect.I miss you when I realise I need you with me.Isit i fall for you too easily?i cant get the answer for this question.I wanna be a girl you gives your hoodie to wear and cuddles up next to when its cold,You'll be the one who comes up when im involve in trouble or suffer to anythings.I hope he will be the one wraps his arms around my waist n catches me off guard and and and whispers my look beautiful all the time that you come along with me.Sometimes i may be a poke one's nose into you.But u told me that you're not mind at all cause you noe how am i look like.Although you and me are at longgerheads but i believe we will be soon.Exam is around the corner so i hope you always having your revision between please have your meals at the right time.KAY?!All and sundry hope to have a perfect love in their life.You and me seriously HOPE TOO.Isn't it?You always told me not to be give up easily when im getting some trouble.I really have a whale time with you this 1 month.You said before that you've involve in a unsuccessfully couples.I can feel how sad you're when you're told me your past.I tried before!I hate YOU ever and ever.You spoiled my blissful way.Your regret was useless for me and him.I cry the day we end our loves.But it was the past for me and now he having his happy life.I really exhausted and heart goes out to LOVES.Can you steer clear from me since now?You're are the one who ''terrial'' waste one's breath.I wish to lash out you seriously.OMFG!How terrible you can be?hope the coast is clear for me. im deeply fall in love to you.You promise you wont high and mighty to me forever.Last but not least,just hope you guys can own your blissful love.Byee//

Thursday, February 5

Silenees make the real conversation between friend .

Today our class having fight bwtween chinese and malay. what the hell we all chinese guys did??did our look like pig?you malay guys FUCK OFF la weiiii.wad fer u guys say us -CINA BABI- ??cant u guys recognise who're the pig.WTH. now i really know how such almost u guys fail for spm.It cause you guys just know cari all those bloody pasal with others and even play truant for the whole day.Well.hope my frend just be patient when they find you for being in trouble.Byee.

Tuesday, February 3

Friendship ;


We shared smiles.We wiped the tears..and through the years.We knew each other since we are in primary school.but we less talk with each.Well~Our friendship has grown along us.So.


I don't have measles.Im not confined to bed.Asprim wont help cause it ain't my head.I dont have the back ache or flu.It's more serious.Im missing u like nobody's business !!


Them ;

Cousin Bro .

She's just 20(if im not mistaken)

Hope im having a cousin baby soon ;)

Sunday, February 1


Once outing wit Yan again ;)
Restaurant Kar Heong(KD)

- Dumpling Hor Fan. -

- Aunt's -

- Meats -

Then went Yan's Ah Ma hse
meet their cousins
They So friendly although We meet de 1st time
Back At 12a.m